Research projects


Co-investigator CADRE (Collaborative Action towards Disaster Resilience Education) EC - EACEA: Lifelong Learning Programme, £353,246.00.

CADRE (Collaborative Action towards Disaster Research Education) aims to address current and emerging labour market demands in the construction industry to increase societal resilience to disasters. In doing so, this innovative project focuses on a subject area not sufficiently addressed by projects already being funded under this action. The labour market demands will be addressed through active cooperation between Higher Education Institutes and partners from outside academia, including construction professional bodies, local/national/international bodies and social partners. In doing so, CADRE builds on the findings of a previous (ended 31/01/2012) LLP funded project entitled BELLCURVE (Built Environment Lifelong Learning Challenging University Responses to Vocational Education), which highlighted a need to foster greater collaboration between Industry, Community and University (ICU) as part of a Europe wide lifelong learning agenda ( This recognises that the lifelong learning concept needs to be expanded beyond the traditional frame of an industry-academia relationship. While education must address the need of industries, those same industries must address the concerns of the community. This through-life process defines the essence of the new innovative 'Lifelong University' concept, where learners' acquisition and development of skills and knowledge occurs on a continuous basis in response to changing industrial and societal needs.