Doctoral supervisions and assessments

Doctoral supervisions

Student 1 (full time): topic - "Application of spatial analysis in post-disaster resettlement programmes" (main supervisor - completed 2014) 

Student 2 (full time): topic – “An Evaluation of regenerative resign as a new approach for sustainable urban design” (main supervisor - completed 2016)

Student 3 (full time): topic – "The Complexity of Projects: An Adaptive Model to Incorporate Complexity Dimensions into the Cost Estimation Process" (main supervisor - completed 2017) 

Student 4 –(full time): topic – “A Framework to Enhance Post-Disaster Resettlement Process Through Adaptable Built Environment In Sri Lanka” main supervisor - completed 2018 April) 

Student 5 –(full time): topic – “Building community resilience: Coping strategies for effective Community Based Flood Risk Reduction across diverse communities in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria” main supervisor till December 2017) 

Student 6 (Professional Doctorate): topic - "Learning to Manage Commercial Risks: the maturation of inexperienced Quantity Surveyors working in remote construction and energy projects in the Scottish Highlands and Islands" (main supervisor till August 2014) 

Student 7 (full time): topic – "The influence of organizational culture in sharing the knowledge in the information communication technology small firms in Libya" (main supervisor till August 2014) 

Student 8 (full time) topic – "The use of Kaizen costing for Quantity Surveying practices in Nigeria" (main supervisor till August 2014) 

Student 9 (full time) topic – "Organizational Readiness for TQM Implementation in the Nigerian Construction Industry" (main supervisor till August 2014) 

Student 10 (full time) topic – "Improving the decision-making process and investment appraisals in oil and gas companies in Libya" (main supervisor till August 2014)