Dr Keraminiyage is an active researcher with a strong research publication profile, funded research projects and international presence. His main research interests are in complexity of construction projects and its impact on cost estimation, disaster induced relocations, application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)s to improve resilience of disaster prone communities and infrastructure. As evident from the publication profile, his research activities spans over the areas of Construction Cost and Process Management, Disaster Management and Resilience Building and Pedagogic Research. Guided by his skills in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area, cross theme synergies and links have been identified and explored using ICT as the overarching link.

His main focus as an active researcher is of three folds:

  1. To publish in good, peer reviewed and indexed journals with the aim of qualifying to be returned in year 2020 REF submission representing the Unit of Assessment (UoA) Architecture and the Built Environment.
  2. Continue to be engaged in research bidding activities and to secure funding to conduct funded research.
  3. To improve the international presence and impact as a reputed researcher and to contribute to the national and international research informed teaching and learning.

His publication profile includes refereed journal articles (mostly Scopus and ISI indexed), book chapters, edited conference proceedings and books, refereed conference papers and various high impact reports. His publications have been included in the 2013 REF submission representing the UoA of Architecture and the Built Environment for the University of Salford.


Dr Keraminiyage is very much active and interested in competitive research bidding and currently the co-investigator for a number of European Union (EU) funded research projects. He is keen to look for new opportunities for research funding and have experience in bidding for funding under the funding schemes such as H2020, ERUSMUS, etc.


So far three doctoral students have been graduated under Dr Keraminiyage's supervision and he continues to engage in PhD supervision and assessment activities.